My 2022 book highlights and lowlights

I read 169 books in 2022.  My goal was 120.

Some of my favourite quotes from 2022:

I told myself I’d be ready today. I promised. And yet I’d gotten up early and then become distracted by, well, everything. As I look around the apartment, I can’t put my finger on exactly what I’ve been doing all day. My dirty clothes are sorted, but none of it made it into the washing machine, my dishwasher is full of dirty dishes, but the clean ones are piled on the countertops so I could wipe out the cupboards, and the toilet cleaner and bleach are sitting on the floor by the bathroom door, where I left them before I got an idea I needed to jot down.

Roommate Arrangement by Saxon James

I cringe. “And now that I’ve epically screwed up a nice conversation, I’m going to spend the rest of the night going over and over it in my head, trying to work out what I should have said.”

“Really?” His gaze slides over me.


“I can’t help it.”

“But it won’t make a difference.”

“I don’t do it because I think it will make a difference, I do it because I like to torture myself with all the ways I could have been better, funnier, sounded smarter or more interesting. I work out everything I would change if I could.”

Roommate Arrangement by Saxon James

I set my jaw and move to open the front door. And fuck a duck in a pickup truck, Lee looks good.

Roommate Arrangement by Saxon James

ADHD sounded like the thing you used to explain away a hyper kid in class—not an executive disorder. Not the reason why he was so goddamn good at some things but the rest of his life was a damn mess.

Switch-Hitter by E M Lindsey

He felt like a disgruntled alley cat who was finally being given attention. He didn’t know how to say thanks other than shoving dead birds under the pillows of people who were kind to him.

Switch-Hitter by E M Lindsey

The tender moment was broken when a yawn split his face. I echoed him, and we stared at each other like we were snakes unhinging our jaws.

You & Me by Tal Bauer

Julien stalked from one side of the road to the other as if he’d find some clue as to what to do now. As if the animal might have left a note with a sad face and its insurance information.

Pack of Lies by Charlie Adhara

The right front corner of the car was flattened, as well. A pool of headlight glass was sprinkled like multicolored confetti in the snow. Congratulations! You fucked up big-time!

Pack of Lies by Charlie Adhara

I don’t think anyone could ever see you as inept. Not at anything. You positively ooze…ept.

Pack of Lies by Charlie Adhara

Books I’m looking forward to in 2023:
Tisak by Michelle Frost and Michele Notaro
Only One Bed by various authors
Aisle Be There by Charlie Cochet
An Embrace to Hearten Me by Michele Notaro
A Ruse to Unchain Us by Michele Notaro
Nicked: Nordin by Nora Phoenix
Dangerous by Charlie Cochet and Macy Blake


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