December 2022 reading recap

These are the books I read in December 2022, and the ratings I gave them.

Precariously Mated by Jessamyn Kingley (re-read)
Heart of the High King by Jessamyn Kingley (re-read)

A Box of Wishes by Jackie Keswick
Rise of the Lich Sentinel by Jessamyn Kingley (re-read)
Fall of the Arch Lich by Jessamyn Kingley (re-read)
The First Sentinel by Jessamyn Kingley (re-read)
Honorable Convictions by Jessamyn Kingley (re-read)
The Fractured Fallen by Jessamyn Kingley (re-read)

Election Night by Madalyn George
A Holiday to Sustain Us by Michele Notaro
Lich Reaper’s Lament by Jessamyn Kingley
Dragon’s Flight by Nora Phoenix

Mending Noel by Charlie Cochet


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