Book review: ReneCade by Cameron Dane


This book had so much going for it. Cade is a fantastic character. He was the kind of character that you felt like you knew. His backstory explained his quirks and reactions. Yes, he was somewhat predictable, but Ren made up for that by being hugely impulsive.

I was aware of the big crisis in the story because it was recommended specifically for that trope in a group I was following online, but if I hadn’t been aware of it, I don’t think I would have seen it coming. And I liked the way the characters reacted to it, and reacted to each other’s attempts to move past it. I particularly liked when Cade pulled Ren up on his emotional blackmail and said “That’s not okay.”

It was actually the sex scenes that ruined it for me. Without the sex scenes, I think I would have rated it four stars. But seriously, no one needs to hear (or read) the word ‘spewed’ in regards to male orgasms. No. Just no. But there were also far too many crude or anatomical words for my liking. When I’m reading a steamy scene in a book, I don’t want to see the word rectum, just saying.

So I liked the characters, I even enjoyed the plot, but with those absolutely awful sex scenes, I gave it two stars.


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