Book review: Lies Between Us by Nikki Rose

Lies Between Us

This book was a great mixture of sweet feelings between the two main characters, and action and drama coming from the abusive husband.

So Alexis and Dom have a one night stand.  Alexis discovers she’s pregnant and tries to find Dom, but he’s away on a mission and the apartment they used was only temporary for him while he was undercover on a case.  She doesn’t know his name or address, and so she realises she can’t find him.  A local police officer who is sweet on her offers to marry her and raise the baby as her own, an offer she accepts.  Later, the police officer becomes abusive, but how do you deal with an abusive husband when he’s also the law?  She runs.  And just happens to run straight into Dom, the father of her baby. 

For me, that felt like an enormous coincidence.  Yes, I know coincidences happen, but this felt unbelievably manufactured.  And then, (spoiler alert) the husband ends up being involved with people that Dom is investigating.  Yeah, that’s too much coincidence for me considering she is hours and hours away from home and the cop by the time she runs back into Dom.  Even other characters comment on the unlikeliness of that happening.

If he’s somehow involved…but, what are the odds?”  “Slim for sure.  

“You have to admit the odds of you two hooking up by chance then her marrying a man who is connected to the attacks on our agency is pretty coincidental and I don’t believe in coincidences.”

But as it turns out, yes, just a crazy, unbelievable coincidence.  Riiiiiight.

There were a few other little issues.  Not major ones, but just little niggles.  One was that Dom and Alexis set this one-night stand up on a pedestal.  Like, if they’d only had more time together at the beginning, their lives would have been this perfect storybook romance (if you’ll forgive the phrase).  But it was always meant to be a one-night stand.  And yeah, okay, romances can develop from one-night stands, sure, but why keep lamenting it and going on about it?  It didn’t happen, you can’t change the past, let’s all move on.

I know we only had one night together, but it was wonderful.  I knew from the moment I first saw you in the club that you were special.  It wasn’t just about the sex, there was something about you, some unexplainable factor that drew me to you.  The minute we left my apartment, I regretted letting you go.

If you had found me back then, do you think we would have ended up married?

Another was the way Dom accepts that the baby is his without a single shred of evidence except that the two of them slept together once a few years ago.  For all he knows, she had seventeen one-night stands that month!  He later seems to realise this.

I was a fool for not asking for a DNA test and just assuming she was mine.

But then he goes back to ‘knowing’ the baby is his without any further evidence provided.

Alexis at one point decides that she and the baby will be better off on their own.  Which is laughable.  Dom literally found her in a ditch, and she had no money, no friends and nowhere to go.  He’s treated her honorably, and hasn’t charged her a cent for food or rent.

Layla and I have done just fine until now and we’ll continue to do fine when we are back on our own.

Um, no, you weren’t doing fine.  You were being beaten and abused, then you were on the run.  You crashed your car, so you don’t have a vehicle, you have no money, no friends to help…  I’m not saying there aren’t options.  You don’t need a man to save you.  You can go to a women’s refuge or similar, there are places out there to help.  But don’t say you were doing fine.  You were in a ditch with a head injury.  Am I the only one who remembers that?

Technically, this book includes cheating because Alexis is still married to her husband, but she has left him by the time she meets up with Dom again.  She is still married though.  Unless you only consider cheating to be when they actually have sex, and then maybe it’s technically not.  But either way, it treads a line, so if that’s a trigger for you, that’s something to consider.

Overall, I rated this book three stars.¬† The little niggles kept me from rating it higher, but I enjoyed the drama and action scenes, I thought the couple were sweet, and Dom’s friends were a great addition to the story as secondary characters.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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