Book review: Choosing Theo by Victoria Aveline

Choosing Theo (Clecanian #1)

I don’t read many sci fi/space romances.  This was definitely a step outside my comfort zone.

Jade is kidnapped by aliens.  She’s dropped off on Clecania, where someone is expecting her.  It becomes obvious that she was ‘kidnapped to order’.  With some quick thinking, she manages to escape the bad guy, but that leaves her all alone on an alien planet.  Rescue may not be all that it’s cracked up to be, because Jade is informed that she must marry a Clecanian male for at least three months, and that she must remain on Clecania for a year.  Even after that year is over, she can never return to Earth because humans must discover space travel and the universe in their own good time.  

The truly unique part of the book was Clecania’s society.  Women are scarce, and therefore men compete for the attention of women.  Society has evolved to the point where men take classes in things such as cooking, massage, sex (yes!), and other husbandly duties, in order to maximise their chances of winning a wife.  Women have all the power in that society because if a husband should dare mistreat a wife, he’d be affecting the possibility of precious future offspring, and therefore the law was greatly on the woman’s side.

I found the process whereby Jade chooses a husband quite fun and interesting.  I found the societal rules quite interesting.  I read another review where someone was a bit fed up at being ‘patronised’ with the author explaining to the reader that they shouldn’t judge others, etc. etc., but I didn’t find this to be particularly onerous and I easily overlooked it.  On the whole, I found this a fun, light read.


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