Book review: Three Wishes by Nikki Kardnov

Three Wishes (Blackwell Djinn)

Suspension of disbelief is obviously critical with this book.  Dae is a djinn (another word for a genie).  Every djinn has 1,000 contracts they can enter, with three wishes to grant per contract.  After they’ve used up all their contracts/wishes, the djinn dies.  An interesting way to provide some scope for character development.

Ashley’s husband has left her for a younger woman.  Desperate to get him back, she makes a contract with Dae and sets about to use her wishes to get her husband back home where he belongs.  This is where I felt a bit let down.  Now, I know I shouldn’t judge, because I’m fortunate enough to have never been in Ashley’s situation, but I like to think I’ve had a little more self-respect.  I can understand wanting revenge.  I can understanding wanting peace or closure or resolution.  I can’t understand wanting back a husband who has lied, cheated, put you down and moved on with another woman.  I found myself wanting to slap Ashley and say ‘You deserve better!’  Fuck, being alone would be better than being with someone who treated her the way her husband treated her.  And she persisted in this even after Dae had shown interest in her, even after she’d slept with Dae.  I didn’t get it.  I really didn’t.

I liked the glimpse into Dae’s family, and I liked the way the author introduced tension and conflict with Red.  That was well done.  I just wish I’d been able to have more respect for Ashley, and this would have been a fun read.

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