Book review: Captive by Jex Lane


Firstly, I have to say that this is not a romance.  I say that because most of what I read is, and some of my followers may assume this one is as well.  It’s not.

The main character is Matthew, who was turned into a vampire when he was 32.  He was left to not only fend for himself, but to figure out vampirism on his own.  He’s struggled, but he has survived for seven years.  It’s been a dark existence though, and he has killed a number of humans because he hasn’t been able to figure out how to survive without killing his blood donors.  

Then he meets Tarrick, who is an incubus.  Matthew had no idea that incubi even existed, let alone that they were mortal enemies with vampires.  Matthew is captured, and his education begins.  There are many things about the supernatural world that Matthew didn’t know and starts to learn, and also things about himself that he learns.  

The relationship between Matthew and Tarrick is complicated.  They are master and slave, sometimes lovers (but both sleep with other people in the book, which is not cheating because they’re not a couple), sometimes friends, sometimes enemies.  Sometimes Tarrick treats Matthew well and sometimes Tarrick tortures Matthew.  Sometimes Matthew seems to love Tarrick, sometimes Matthew resents Tarrick.  It’s a complicated story, and there are a number of other characters who come into play too.

The world that the author has created is quite fascinating.  Matthew is fascinating and especially because the reader knows there are more secrets about him to be uncovered, least of all whom his father is.  There’s the matter of Matthew’s daughter too, and how she will factor into future stories.  And, of course, the relationship between Tarrick and Matthew.  Will anything come of it?  Having finished this first book in the series, I honestly can’t say.  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  It’s not like a romance where you know in advance that despite all the issues, the two main characters will end up together with their happily ever after.  That might not be the eventual outcome here.  And there’s something a bit thrilling about that uncertainty.

There are currently three primary books in the series and three novellas.  I intend to continue reading the series and find out what becomes of Matthew.  He is a compelling character.  Certainly not all sweetness and light, but complex and ironically human despite his situation.  Five stars.

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