Book review: Mr. Christmas Elf by Stephanie Burkhart


This was a really sweet, light holiday read.  As Christmas looms, Jules is worried about money.  She has a dental bill to pay, her car needs a new muffler, she and her father are short on food, and so on and so forth.  Her boss asks all his employees to write a letter to Santa, as a fun activity to do with his young daughter, and he posts the letters in the shop window.  Jules’ letter is pretty grim reading compared to the others.

Here’s the point where you need to suspend your disbelief and just go with the flow.  Apparently now that she’s reached out and explicitly asked Santa for help, Santa’s elves can come and help Jules. And they do. The elves are all named after famous musicians, which…okay.  Elvis is the primary one in the story, and he spends time with Jules and helps her get into the spirit of Christmas.  

I did like the idea that the Christmas spirit is about helping those less fortunate than you.  That was a beautiful message that came through in the book, and it would definitely put any reader in the Christmas spirit.  For me, the book was a little too light, but I can see that other readers would really enjoy this as a sweet, light holiday read.

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