Photography: St Matthew-in-the-City

St Matthew-in-the-City is my favourite church in Auckland, albeit that I’ve never been to a service there and I’m not religious.  It’s a beautiful building, inside and out, and it is tolerant, accepting, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  If I was religious, that’s the church I’d want to attend.  I’ve photographed St Matt’s before, but that was when I was just learning photography, and my shots didn’t come out too well.  I still have a lot to learn, because this wasn’t my greatest photo, but I do like the repeating arches.  Plenty of room for improvement though, huh?  Guess I’ll just have to keep going back.  😉


I wrote a poem about St Matt’s once…

Just up the road
from tradition,
from unswerving Catholicism,

the grandeur and glory of St Matt’s
walks the walk
and extends welcoming arms
that embrace, nay,
encourage change
in their fight to support
the socially marginalised.

for doing what is


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