Photography: Fisherman at Gulf Harbour

We got up at sparrow’s fart to go fishing, and drove up to Gulf Harbour.  There wasn’t much biting, so I ended up playing with my camera instead.

xtMp-ehASJ-lVlf30ZjPAg (2)

After we finally gave up on fishing, we caught up with my sister who lives nearby, and I ended up going out on the kayaks with my nephew and their homestay student.  It was fun…until I fell out.  I couldn’t get back on the kayak, and I was way too far from shore to easily swim back.  I was lucky that a nearby boat came and rescued me.  So embarrassing!  Still, no harm done.  And thankfully I managed to stay calm the whole time so that the boys didn’t panic.  Lesson learned though – next time stay closer to shore!


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