Photography: Still life

My mum and sister came down on Sunday, and we had a play.  They’d brought a bunch of flowers, herbs and vegetables down, and we experimented with different set ups.  I got out my macro filters, and had a play with them too.

I love this little Stuart Crystal bud vase.  It’s about two inches high.  We put Christmas lights behind it to add some interest, but I think they rather steal the limelight so maybe not the effect I was after.

This shot works better, I think.  More context, and the vase captures the attention more easily.

IMG_2908I quite like the way this one has worked, although the lighting isn’t quite right.  There needs to be more light on the flower in the foreground.  Note for next time!

IMG_2934Aw, isn’t he cute?  My mum made him, I think.


IMG_2986This was a sprig of thyme.  It’s an interesting angle, huh?


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