Photography: Baby silvereye birds

On Monday afternoon I was sitting in my lounge (it was a public holiday here in NZ) and heard baby birds cheeping outside.  I went to see if I could see the nest, and saw these gorgeous baby silvereye (also known as waxeye or tauhou).  They look big in the photo, but each chick was probably only an inch tall, if that.


The babies were SO CUTE.  Just adorable.  First time I’ve seen baby birds like that, let alone silvereyes.  I’ve managed to photograph an adult silvereye once before, and I literally got one shot of it, so I was really happy with this lot of shots.

Have you ever photographed baby birds?  Share your photos with me, I’d love to see them!

One comment

  1. I love these photos. I witnessed 3 silvereye this morning nibbling at new maple leaf buds on my Senkaka maple. Flitting about and hanging upside-down with abandon, searching for maple sap perhaps? I imagine you were captivated by their antics as I was, given the exquisite photos you’ve taken. Su


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