Book review: Gideon by Lily Morton

Book cover for Gideon (Finding Home Book 3) by Lily Morton

It’s been a while since a book amused me as much as this one did.  I’ve just re-read through all the passages I highlighted while reading, and they made me smile all over again.

Gideon is so snarky,  but all the characters are well-written.  This is the third book in Lily Morton’s Finding Home series, but I read it first, and it can definitely be read as a standalone, but it made me want to read all the others too.  This one is still my favourite though.

Gideon is an actor who has everything he could possibly want.  At least, that’s how it looks from the outside. But his agent convinced him early that the world wouldn’t accept him as gay, and now that he’s hidden that truth for so long, his agent assures him they’d never forgive him for lying to them for so long.  Yet, hiding that truth means Gideon is deeply unhappy.  He has to hit rock bottom before his brother hires Eli to nurse him back to health.  Time away from the insanity of the acting world, and his new feelings for Eli, mean that Gideon starts to see things differently.  But will it mean giving up everything he’s worked so hard for?  And would it be worth it even if it did?

I have to share some of the funny lines with you, because seriously, they’re so good.  Seriously, by 26% through the book I’d already snort-laughed on the train and highlighted six passages that had made me laugh.

“Russ, you’d need a medium and a séance to bring my dick back to life tonight.”

I’m amused to see my shy brother fold his arms and glare at me. It’s a bit like being told off by a gerbil.


Ow!” My brother retracts his fingers from where he just pinched me.  “What did you do that for?”
“Because I love you.”
“Can’t you buy me a card like normal people?”
“No, because Hallmark doesn’t have anything to rhyme with ‘you’re behaving like a total wanker,’” he says firmly.

He grins lazily at her, oblivious to the fact that she’s currently eye-fucking him so hard I’ll need a cigarette when she finally looks away.

I bend over and help him pull his jumper off, and he emerges from the folds blinking like a tiny stoned mole.

“Oh my God,” he says faintly. “Were you burgled?” He pauses. “Could they find anything? Did you have to help them look?”

But there’s also some moments that just make you awww….

He kisses me for a long time, pulling back only to whisper heated words that would make me red-cheeked if he said them in normal conversation. But out here as the sky darkens ominously and the first few promised drops of rain start to fall, it feels right. Like we’re animals and wild and free. No cares, no obligations. Just me and him and his bloody stupid fucking soft words.

He reaches up and cups my cheek in his big hand and smiles. It’s a tender smile that warms his eyes, and I see it a lot when he looks at me. It always makes me feel humbled, and also slightly wary because there’s obviously a history of mental instability in his family if he’s looking at me like that.

This book is definitely worth the read.

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