Photography: Slow roasted pork belly (flatlay)

I was recently challenged to take a flatlay photo, a term I was unfamiliar with.  It’s a photo taken from directly overhead, so there’s very little depth perception.  Quite fun to play with.

I ended up having a fairly busy weekend and on Sunday night I still hadn’t taken my photo.  I had thought that I would take one of a sleeping kitty, but they’d run off to play outside.  Then hubby served up dinner and I thought ‘Ah ha!’

Pork Belly by Elle Schroder

Pork belly with mashed cauliflower and vegetables.

It’s far from perfect.  The editing is a bit poor in place, and the mashed cauliflower leaked a bit, so the plate looks a bit untidy.  Plus, hubby plated it as if you’d be looking at it from the side, not the top.  I think the sauce would have looked better beside the pork rather than on top of it.  But oh well, I gave it a shot.

Have you ever taken a flatlay photo?  Did it turn out okay?  What did you find challenging about it?

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