Book review: Big Bad Wolf series by Charlie Adhara

The Wolf at the Door (Big Bad Wolf, #1)The Wolf at Bay (Big Bad Wolf, #2)Thrown to the Wolves (Big Bad Wolf, #3)

I enjoyed this series.  Cooper is an FBI agent who survives a werewolf attack.  He’s in a space of ‘What the fuck?  Werewolves aren’t real but I know what I saw!’ and he is offered a new role in a new division which will explain everything….on the understanding that if he accepts the new role, his career in the FBI is over.  He accepts, and is told that yes, werewolves are real, and he is now part of the Bureau of Special Investigations which investigates werewolf crime.  Oh, and his new partner is a werewolf.

The first book in the series is set in neutral territory as Cooper and Park investigate a suspected serial murderer.  I love it when I can’t predict who the killer is.  This book kept me guessing.

The second book is set in Cooper’s hometown, and there were more whodunits, and some interesting action.  The third was my favourite and set in Park’s hometown, and there was a twist there that I did not see coming but which made crazy sense when it happened. Well played, Charlie Adhara!

The humour was brilliant.  I loved Cooper’s snark.

The sounds of the late afternoon poured into the car. Crickets and birds talking shit about one another at top volume.

“How do I look?” he blurted as they approached the car. He couldn’t help it.
“Like you’ve seen some shit,” Park said.
“Oh, good. I like to stay on brand.

Call me crazy, but that looks like a clue, Blue.”

If you enjoy paranormal romance, this series is great.  A nice balance of action and emotion, and I thought the incorporation of the werewolves into the real world was realistic and well done.

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