Photography: School strike for climate (Auckland)

I struggle with street photography and photographing strangers.  I’m not overly shy, but I am introverted (I’ve been described as a loud introvert!  Ha ha!) and I’ve never successfully walked up to a stranger and said “Can I take your photo?” even though people like Alan Shapiro (who I discovered on G+ back in the day) make it look and sound easy.  It’s not easy.  It’s freaking terrifying.

But the ‘school strike for climate’ was on Friday. The street was overflowing with strangers, and no one blinking an eyelid at anyone photographing them. Yes!

So on Friday I spent my lunchtime photographing the protestors. These were my best two shots:

It was interesting to see the mix of people who were protesting.  Young children with their parents, lots of high schoolers, older people and even elderly people.  People who looked like they spent time communing with the environment, and people dressed in suits.  People who would look at home in a motorcycle gang, and people who looked like sweet grandmotherly types.  Everyone was out there, fighting for a cause they believed in.  It was pretty powerful.

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