TFW – Books featuring Mental Health


The Riven series by Roan Parrish deals with a range of different mental health issues, including addiction and depression.  Rend was particularly compelling as you were drawn into Matt’s fears.  I haven’t actually read the last one in the series yet, but I will be doing so soon, and I know it’ll be great because the first two were both five star reads.

Complementary Colors
I already wrote a review about Complementary Colors by Adrienne Wilder, so I won’t repeat myself, but this is an incredible book, and is so beautifully written that it’s truly captivating.  Five stars.

The World as He Sees It (Perspectives #2)

In The World As He Sees It by A M Arthur, Tristan had suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him with the inability to make new memories.  That meant that after 30 minutes, he forgot everything that had just happened.  Over and over again.  He was a fascinating character, and I really enjoyed reading his story.

The Harder He Falls (Kick, #1)

In The Harder He Falls by Lynda Aicher, Micah had been in a coma that had left him with spatial confusion and disorientation, which means that every so often he’d lose all recognition of where he was.  He could be in his own bedroom and be completely lost.  It made him an interesting character even while Grady pretty much took over the story as he deals with guilt and learning to accept himself.

A Mended Man (The Men of Halfway House, #4)

A Mended Man by Jaime Reese features Aiden who is suffering from serious PTSD after his time as a prisoner of war.  He’s strong and so defensive that he came across as a complete bastard in the previous stories in the series, and yet this book shows his flashbacks and his fear in such a way that we truly understand how vulnerable he is and how hard his life is.  It’s well worth the read, and can be read separately but would be enjoyed much more if you read the book before it in the series (which is also a five star read).  This one is book four, and I wasn’t as wowed by books one and two, although they do introduce most of the players in a good way, but books three and four were seriously five star reads for me and I’ve read both of them more than once.

What are your top choices for books featuring characters with mental health issues?  Have you read any of the five that I chose?


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