Skills I wish I had

Prompt: Make a list of five things you wish you could be a master of. Be sure to explain why you chose what you did.

Singing. I love to sing, but I suck at it. I’d love to be able to sing along to the radio or warble a little tune whenever, without worrying about damaging the ears of the people around me. Okay, I’m not really ear-damagingly bad, but I’m not good either. I don’t tend to sing in front of anyone except family. It’d be cool to be able to sing along with my dad too. None of his daughters can sing. I’d love to be able to do karaoke too. I was a huge Singstar fan, because it was basically karaoke in the privacy of my own home where I couldn’t embarrass myself. *Laugh*

Sign language. I’ve always wanted to learn another language, and sign language in particular. I actually think it should be taught in schools. I definitely think that when children are given an option to learn a language in high school, sign language should be available at a choice. It never is. I had a choice of Japanese (which I took), French or something else. I can’t remember what the third option was. Spanish? I dunno. My kids had the choice of German (which Jayden took), Japanese (which Caitie is taking), Maori and Spanish. New Zealand has three official languages – English, Maori and sign language. Why the fuck isn’t sign language an option for kids to learn at school? It fucking sucks. My friend Chelsea signed us both up for sign language classes when I was pregnant with Jayden, but unfortunately I got a job that was on at the same time as the classes and I couldn’t afford to turn down the job. *Sad* She did the course by herself, and she couldn’t even get the cost of mine refunded. It sucked assballs. I can sign my first name, and that’s it. But yeah, would love to master this. I should really take some lessons. Why the fuck not?

Hey, does anyone know why English speaking countries don’t use the same sign language? *Confused* That seems insane. If I learn New Zealand Sign Language, I can’t communicate with deaf Americans. I might be able to scrape by with British or Australian deaf people, but even they speak a different sign language. Why isn’t there one international sign language? It seems like there was a major opportunity missed there…

I feel like ‘time management’ or ‘money management’ should be skills I want to master. They’re certainly skills I need to master. I mean, let’s face it, those are the two skills that would make the most difference in my life. Followed by the skill of parallel parking. But ugh. There are funner things out there. *Wink*

Guitar. As a child/teen, I learned the piano, the guitar and the flute. I particularly liked playing the flute, and it’s such a pretty sounding instrument when played well.

I owned a tin whistle too, which my dad bought me. *Smile* I think it was at a folk music festival we went to. I don’t know what happened to it. It might be in my flute case. Anyway, as much as I like the flute and and the tin whistle, they’re not very social instruments. Well, the tin whistle might be in Ireland, but not here. Jethro Tull got away with playing the flute in rock songs, but… Anyway, I grew up with my dad playing guitar. He’d take it everywhere, and we’d end up at all these social gatherings, with everyone sitting in a circle listening to Dad play or singing along with him. I know that’s kind of a ‘growing up in the rural countryside’ thing, and it’s not the same in the city, but it still kind of is. If someone can play guitar at a backyard barbecue, it changes the whole dynamic.

If you’re interested, I can play three chords on a guitar – A, D and G. *Pthb* Also, we have two child-sized guitars in this house (neither of which are in tune), and I will one day inherit my dad’s 1963 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean guitar. *Music2*

Dancing. This comes under the same heading as singing. I love to dance. I’m forever dragging Steve up on a dance floor to dance with me. Or I’ll dance with my kids or random strangers, or by myself, whatever. But I suck at dancing, even worse than I suck at singing. I shuffle from foot to foot. I know, you’re probably thinking ‘If all you do is shuffle from foot to foot, I don’t get why you love it.’ Me either, but I do. I’d love to be able to dance properly. Not ballroom dance or ceroc (both of which I’ve had lessons in at one time or another) but just grooving down on the dance floor. That’d be awesome. *Smile*

I actually struggled for a fifth skill after eliminating time management, money management and parallel parking. I considered writing and poetry skills, photography skills and wine appreciation skills, but I kind of like learning those and I’m not sure I’d want to skip the fun of learning and shoot straight to mastering them.

Recognising birds by sight and song. As someone who loves bird photography, it’d be awesome to be able to recognise them all on sight. I can do the common ones, but it’d be cool to be able to be able to identify them all easily. And I love listening to birds, but can’t identify many other than the tui and fantail by sound. *Smile*

There you go! What skills would you like to learn?

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