Book titles

Prompt: If someone was to write an analysis of you by the books you have in your possession, what would it say about you? Would a stranger or even a friend recognize you by the book titles?

This is kind of hilarious.  Now, the real question is, are we looking at the physical books on my shelf, or the books on my kindle app?  Because there’s a huge difference.  The only books I’ve added to the physical bookshelf in the last ten years (I’m guesstimating here) have been gifts from friends and poetry books.  So for the most part, my bookshelf at home tells you who I used to be.

So here are the titles (without authors, just to keep things interesting) of some of the books on my physical bookshelf:
*Books4* Highland Thirst
*Books5* If He’s Wicked
*Books6* Highland Captive
*Books4* Highland Bride
*BookS5* Highland Avenger
*BookS6* Velvet Song Velvet Angel
*Books4* Taken At Midnight
*Books5* Veil At Midnight
*Books6* Kiss of Crimson
*Books4* Slave to Sensation
*BookS5* The Hobbit
*BookS6* A Warrior’s Promise
*Books4* Bound to a Warrior
*Books5* A Hunger Like No Other
*Books6* Forbidden
*BookS4* At Last Comes Love
*BookS5* Call Me Irresistible
*BookS6* The Medusa Project
*Books4* Shadow Touch
*Books5* An Indecent Proposition

I think those titles give an impression of a combination of historical romance and fantasy.  Which I guess is kind of true, but the Hobbit kind of throws you off the scent because aside from that one, they’re all romance.  Some are historical romance, some are paranormal romance and there might be one or two that are contemporary romance.  I think people would agree that those titles match up to what they know about me.  I’m thinking my family wouldn’t be surprised by them.

It’s a bit different on my Kindle.  Here are the most recent titles on my Kindle:
*BookStack2* To My Future Number 1 Fan
*BookStack3* Kinky Sprinkles
*BookStack* Alex
*BookStack2* Imperfectly Criminal
*BookStack3* Imperfect Chemistry
*BookStack* The Hate You Drink
*BookStack2* Captive Prince
*BookStack3* Ravensong
*BookStack* Dra’Kaedan’s Coven
*BookStack2* Journey of the Heart
*BookStack3* Spin The Dawn
*BookStack* Rend
*BookStack2* Complementary Colors
*BookStack3* Death of Darkness
*BookStack* Winter
*BookStack2* When The Earl Was Wicked
*BookStack3* Immortal Coil
*BookStack* Talon
*BookStack2* Ask Me Why
*BookStack3* Threatening Sky

I think some of these look like non-fiction titles.  The Hate You Drink, Complementary Colors, Winter, Ask Me Why, etc.  These come across to me like non-fiction.  Kinky Sprinkles is such a brilliant title.  Love it!  Journey of the Heart and Captive Prince sound like romance novels, as does When the Earl was Wicked.  I think some sound like fantasy, like Dra’Kaedan’s Coven and Death of Darkness.  In actual fact, they’re all romance novels, with a mix of contemporary and paranormal (and one historical).

People who read my blog might accept the second set as being typical of me, but I think my family would be pick the other set over this one as representing me.

What do you think the titles say about me?

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