Book review: Threatening Sky by S. Jade Castleton

Threatening Sky: Watching Clouds (Bk 2)

Threatening Sky is the sequel to Mackerel Sky,  and continues the story of Owen and Andrew.  However, rather than concentrating on the relationship between Owen and Andrew, this book answers all the unanswered questions from the first book.  Which means that we find out what happens to Owen’s father, and we get our happily ever after.

Jade has a way of making her characters seem so incredibly real.  You hurt with them, you laugh with them, you desperately want things to work out for them.

You need to read Mackerel Sky before reading this, they are not standalone books.  However, I highly recommending reading the pair.  This book gives balance to the relationship between Owen and Andrew that was missing in the first book.  It’s not an extended epilogue, even though Owen and Andrew were definitely together at the end of the first book.  It’s the second half of the story.  It doesn’t focus solely on Owen and Andrew, but you wouldn’t want it to.  By this point, you’re massively invested in the other kids too.

The two books together are very well written, and as a whole story, I give them five stars.  You won’t easily put this book down, because these characters will seem as real as the members of your family.

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