Five things to improve your day

It’s interesting what inspires us to blog or journal.  For me, when I started in 2001 on Livejournal, it was always a need to record life as my children and I lived it, a sort of record of my life, of my children’s lives.  Then I discovered blog prompts, and they were brilliant.  I loved answering blog prompts.  They gave more variety to my blog, with introspection and deep thinking added to the details of my daily life.

But just lately, I’ve been inspired by reading other people’s blog entries or their responses to questions.

A friend on was musing philosophical over the responses to the question ‘What five things would improve a below-average day for you?’

These are the things (in no particular order) that would improve a below-average day for me:

*Bullet*  A sleep in.  I’m definitely not a morning person.  I love a sleep in.  Being able to wake up on my own without an alarm going off.  Being able to snuggle up for a few more minutes if it’s cold outside the covers.  Maybe read a few chapters if my book is calling me.  There was a time when I could easily sleep in until 10am on a weekend.  I suppose, when I was in my late teens, it was even later than that, because if we went clubbing or stayed up until the wee hours (this is after I moved out of home), we’d sometimes sleep until after midday.  But yeah, 10am was a good time to wake up on the weekends.  Now it’s more usually 8am, and 9am feels like I’ve had a sinfully long sleep in.  *Laugh*

*Bullet*  A cuddle or hug from my husband.  My husband does a lot of things for me.  He makes me smile when I’m mad or sad.  Sometimes it’s infuriating (who wants to laugh when they’re angry?!), but it does lift my mood.  He listens when I need to rant about something and virtually never tells me I’m being unreasonable, even if I sometimes see that I am, in hindsight.  He helps me figure out solutions to issues that are gnawing at me or when I feel at a total loss for what to do next.  And he’s really good at hugging and cuddling.  He’s kind of known for his hugs.  He does those big back-cracking bear hugs, and has been known to lift people off their feet when he hugs them.  But his hugs for me are more like standing up snuggles, where we just lean on each other and soak up each other’s warmth and comfort.  Sometimes we end up dancing in the kitchen or other random place.  Then we laugh at ourselves for dancing or making out in the kitchen.  *Smile*

*Bullet*  A good book.  I love reading as you probably know if you read this blog.  Last year I read 118 books, and so far this year I’ve read 76 books.  Of this year’s 76 books, I rated ten of them with five stars out of five.  I enjoy a lot of the four star books I read too, but man, a good five star book that pulls you in and makes you forget that you’re reading a book?  I love those.  The ones where you care about the characters.  Sometimes my hubby will tell me to put the book down because it’s time to sleep and I’ll say “No, he (or she) has just had [insert bad experience here]” and he says “Well, they’ll still be having [insert bad experience] tomorrow when you pick it back up again,” and I’m all *Shock2*.  I can’t do that to them!  That’s mean, leaving them like that all night!  Hubby thinks I’m ridiculous, obviously.  *RollEyes*

*Bullet*  Coming home to a delicious cooked meal.  In exchange for her pocket money, my daughter (who has just turned 14) makes dinner on school nights.  It’s really lovely coming home from work to a cooked meal.  And as she gets better and more experienced, the quality of those meals are improving.  The variety too, which is nice.  We do still have to deal with some duds, but not as often as we used to.  She’s got more homework this year than she’s ever had before, and several nights over the past couple of weeks she’s cried off cooking to focus on her homework instead, and we realise just how nice it is to come home to that cooked meal when it’s not there!

*Bullet*  A sleeping baby (human or animal).  I love babies, but having had my own, I acknowledge that the sleeping ones are the best.  *Laugh*  There’s just something so peaceful and beautiful about a sleeping baby that makes you feel good.  Plus, when my kids were babies, getting them to sleep so I could have a moment of peace and quiet always improved my day.  *Laugh*  We have two kittens at the moment, Katza and Ivy, and watching them sleep is much the same.  They’re so cute, and when they’re asleep, I just wanna snuggle up to them.  So cute.

What five things would improve a below-average day for you?

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