Music Monday: Human by the Killers

The first time I ever heard Human by the Killers was when I was watching David Armand videos.  He is so funny, and we were cracking up watching the video.  Because I’d never heard the song before, it was easy to ‘interpret’ the lyrics the way David did – literally.  “I’m on my knees…”  And “My hands are cold…”  *Laugh*  Sorry, I keep picturing David blowing on his hands to warm them up, and them going dead.  *Laugh*  And the ‘Or are we dancer?’ is hilarious.  To this day, I can’t interpret the lyrics any other way.  What’s the song about?  What does that mean ‘Are we human or are we dancer?’  Did the lyricist just pick any old word that rhymed?

Anyway, the song never fails to make me smile now, and I almost involuntarily want to blow on my hands to warm them up, and do stupid dance moves.  Hopefully it will do the same for you!


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