Book review: Only Skin Between Us by Katie Scott

Only Skin Between Us

I made a rookie mistake when I started this book – I went into it blind, without reading the blurb or knowing anything about it.  I naively assumed it would be a romance.  Spoiler alert: It’s not.

Christina Welsh is in love with Rachel.  She wants Rachel, and truly believes with all her heart that they’re meant to be together forever.  Her friends have tried pointing out that Rachel is straight and they can never be more than friends.  Her therapist tells her that while she wants Rachel, she needs something entirely different.  But how do they all get Christina to understand those things?

As a heads up, this book contains paranormal aspects.  If you’re not prepared to suspend your sense of disbelief, it’s not the book for you.

Although I didn’t like Christina, she was well-developed and multi-dimensional.  I liked some of the supporting characters, but found them a little more one-dimensional, especially the afore-mentioned Rachel.  Although it was made very clear that Christina thought Rachel was all things wonderful, I couldn’t see anything about Rachel that would engender that kind of devotion.

I received an ARC, so I have overlooked minor proofreading errors (spelling, punctuation and homophones in particular), which will hopefully be caught in the final stages of publishing.  There were a few other issues that bugged me though.

One of the biggest was that the book was told from Christina’s perspective, in first person, but several times the character directly addressed the reader, which was very disconcerting and absolutely jolted me out of the story.

By now, dear reader, I assume you’ve adapted to me as your narrative voice and so a change of perspective might well be traumatic or at least disengaging, and so I’m please to announce you’re stuck with me.  For now at least.  Initially, I thought it might be great for you to gain some insight into another mindset, perhaps even get a clearer picture of me rather than overloading you with my actions, but although this might highlight additional conflicts to you, and thus heighten the tension, I feel it’ll be too jarring for your sensibilities.

Oh, the irony.  At one point the character acknowledges to the reader that part of the mystery was solved in a very convenient fashion, but ‘it was a conclusion I would have drawn on my own eventually, I think.’  Seriously?

Another issue for me was the info dumping that made the book drag on.  I will say though that when there was action, it was mostly well-written.  The author also, at times, had the most beautifully descriptive style.

We’d talk things through, my shadow and I.  We’d wade through the sludge of whatever force was stinging me with anxiety, flooding my body with its venom and then find something or someone to blame it on and sleep on the fur of that scapegoat.

I feel like the book had a lot of potential.  It definitely became more interesting as the book progressed, with a sense of mystery that I became intrigued by, but I think it needs a bit of work still, especially in regards to editing.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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