Music Monday: Girl in Stilettos by Annah Mac

This song is one of my ‘must have’s for a road trip, especially if we’re travelling around New Zealand.  There’s just something about it that makes me feel happy and nostalgic.

My husband and I have decided that our next major road trip (which will hopefully be next year, budget allowing) will be around New Zealand’s South Island.

I’ve lived in New Zealand for 38 years (all but one year of my life) and I’ve never been to the South Island. *Shock2* I know, it’s shocking. My husband and both kids have been (my son is down there at the moment on an Outward Bound course), and I haven’t. It’s time to right that wrong.

We’ll probably drive from Auckland down to Wellington (about eight hours) and then catch the InterIslander across to the South Island.

Some places I particularly want to go:

*Bullet* Kaikoura is known for it’s whale-watching trips, which would be cool. But it’s also where my husband’s great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents lived, so there’s a bit of history for him there.

*Bullet* My husband’s great-great-grandfather, Robert Duncan, died in the Brunner Mine Disaster, the worst mining disaster in New Zealand’s history (65 men died). They have a sort of museum/memorial thing there, so that could be quite interesting.

*Bullet* A dark sky reserve, according to Wikipedia, consists of ‘a dark “core” zone surrounded by a populated periphery where policy controls are enacted to protect the darkness of the core.’ Basically, there is very little light pollution, which makes it an amazing place to see the stars. I wanna go to the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve and have a go at photographing the stars. But I also kinda just wanna see them. Even here in Auckland, which is New Zealand’s biggest city, we can see the stars pretty clearly if there’s no cloud cover. In a place like that though, it’d be magical.

*Bullet* Larnach Castle has been on my bucket list for ages. New Zealand is a very young country, and we don’t have that many old buildings. Any building older than 100 years is considered old here. We don’t have castles. I’ve seen castles in England and Scotland, but I feel like I should see New Zealand’s only ‘castle’ (Wikipedia calls it a ‘mock castle’. Pfft). It was completed in 1874, so it’s not particularly old. Still, a cool place to visit, stay and dine.

*Bullet* I really wanna go to Stewart Island to do some bird watching. Stuart Island has some birds that aren’t found anywhere else in New Zealand.

*Bullet* Speaking of bird watching, I could also do a boat trip to Motuara Island which is a bird sanctuary. There are still a lot of birds on my list of NZ endemic birds that I haven’t managed to photograph yet!

And I haven’t even mentioned all the beautiful scenery that the South Island is so famous for. Lakes, mountains, glaciers, wineries and more. So much to see, do and photograph!

Where would you like to go on a road trip?  Do you have any special road trip songs for your playlist?

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