Repost: The Wine Wankers test Repour stoppers

So, I was exploring the internets, and I came across this blog called The Wine Wankers. How could I not check that out?? That is such an awesome name. Wine Wankers. *Rolling*

So anyway, then I see their review of this Repour device  , which is a stopper you use to keep the wine fresh for longer. They used it on a bottle of red wine and it was still the same quality nine months after they opened it*Shock*

I have read ports can be open for up to a few weeks  . A few weeks! *Facepalm* Well, it’s not unheard of for mine to last a year or more. *RollEyes* I’m the only person who drinks them, and I rarely have more than one or two glasses at a time. And they’re not big glasses, just little wee ones. And yeah, I just discovered that my bottle of Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage 2009 Port is deteriorating. I have no idea how long it’s been open, but there’s about a half a bottle left. It made me go and review my collection of ports and dessert wines to see how they were faring.

I discovered I had six open bottles of port, red dessert wine or fortified wine. Aside from the aforementioned Taylor’s, I also have a bottle each of:
Clearview Estate Sea Red   (didn’t even know I had any left!)
Graham’s 20 Year Tawny Port
De Bortoli 10 Year Black Noble
Mazuran’s Old Tawny Port, and
Purple Death  .
I’ve got five unopened bottles too, but I’m not worried about them. Aside from the Black Noble, which I bought in May (and I don’t actually like, but that’s beside the point) these were all opened prior to 2019. The Graham’s was opened in December 2016 I think!

See, this all comes back to this idea of needing to be more educated about wine.

I’ve resolved not to open any more bottles of port, dessert wine or fortified wine until these six open bottles are finished, but I’m still unlikely to use up a whole bottle of port in a couple of weeks, which is the recommended timeframe.

Even with postage from Australia, these Repour stoppers will only cost me NZ$4.50 each for a pack of 10, which is pretty awesome when you’re talking about a bottle of port that costs between $30-$100. Or more. The bottle of Graham’s was a gift, but they retail for NZ$132. The Taylor’s 20 Year I have (as yet unopened) retails for NZ$115, and the Taylor’s 1980 Vintage Port I want to get my hands on for my 40th next year is £99. A stopper for NZ$4.50 that will allow me to drink it over a long period? Fuck yeah, I need that! It’s way more affordable than the Coravin system (which retails for US$200-400), and it ships to NZ. Sold!

On another note entirely, I have discovered that the Sapich Bros winery has closed.  *Sad*  They’ve sold the land, pulled up the vines and completely closed shop.  That means no one is making Purple Death anymore! *Shock2* I need to get me some more stock before it becomes extinct. Plus, I did promise some American friends that I’d send them a bottle each. I mean, yeah, that was years ago, but I promised. Waiting until the winery goes out of business isn’t really an excuse not to send them any, is it? *Whistle*

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