I have a young friend who started a blog here on WordPress.  She’s quite young, 20ish.  She loves to write and read among other things, and so she posted book reviews and other things on her WordPress blog.  She was good at the blogging and the book reviews, and her blog was definitely more successful than mine, even though it was relatively new.

She read a fiction novel, which she enjoyed, and she posted a positive review on her blog.  Imagine her surprise when an army of keyboard warriors and trolls descended on her.  They called her the most horrific names, attacking her writing, her looks, and calling her all manner of things that even I won’t repeat, and I’m not afraid to fucking swear.

They actually started a Reddit post dedicated to insulting and demeaning her.  Fucking assholes.

So here’s this young girl, who has read a fiction novel, posted an honest book review on her blog, and she’s been brutally attacked and bullied for it.

Call them trolls, call them keyboard warriors, the truth is that they are bullies.  They’re just the same as people who beat up victims for their lunch money.

So, why did they attack her?  The book she reviewed is written by a guy who allegedly condones pedophilia and violence against women.  It’s important to keep in mind that my friend had no idea about this.  Why would she?  She just read a fiction novel, she didn’t do an expose on the author. There was no mention in her book review of anything controversial.  How could there be, she didn’t know about it!

So here you have this group of people who say they’re standing up for innocent victims, and how do they do so?  By attacking an innocent in the most vile, horrendous way.  Fucking hypocrites.  They are just as bad as the guy they’re up in arms about.  They honestly thought that it was acceptable to bully and abuse a young woman who had done nothing wrong, because they were angry about young women and children being abused.  What the fuck?  That doesn’t even make the smallest amount of sense!  What kind of fucking morons are these people?  Fuck the facts, they’re obviously not interested in those, they’re just interested in having a cause that they can fight for.  They enjoy the bullying, they enjoy dishing out the abuse, and they’ve found a way to justify it to themselves.

Now, some of you might wonder if I’m perpetuating the problem with this post.  Here’s the difference.
– I am not attacking an individual (I haven’t mentioned any names)
– I am not attacking an innocent
– I am not commenting on anyone’s looks but merely their actions.  I will admit to questioning their intelligence and won’t apologise for that.
– I am not suggesting that they do anything other than stop bullying innocent people.

And that’s the difference between me and them.  And yes, I’d say this to their faces.  Unless they’re like 6’5” and built like Arnie, in which case I do have some semblance of self-preservation, but I am not someone who stands by and allows bullying and abuse to continue unchecked.  Standing by and doing nothing makes you complicit in the behaviour.

I have two children and cyberbullying is something that has been a real fear for me for a long time.  The internet is an integral part of a young person’s life these days, as much as we might wish it weren’t.  Computers are compulsory in most high schools here, and although internet access is somewhat controlled, cyberbullying is a real threat at all times.  This young girl who was attacked is only a few years older than my son.  She did nothing wrong, and has been made to feel like utter shit, to the point where she took down her blog and all her social media.  It’s easy to say that she should have stood her ground and not let them win, brushed it off or whatever, but it’s not that easy.  Bullying is not easy to brush off.  It’s hurtful and it lingers.  I know, I’ve been bullied, and my kids have been bullied.  And we can call them trolls, call them keyboard warriors, whatever, they are bullies.  They are doling out mental and emotional abuse on innocent victims.

I wish I had an answer to solve the problem, but I don’t.  But the least I can do is give this young woman all the love and support she needs right now, reminding her that she was caught in a war that wasn’t her own and she did nothing wrong, and remind all of you that you should never stand by and ignore bullying and abuse.  Stand up.  But in standing up, don’t make more victims.  Don’t make the same mistake these people have.  Be anti-bullying, not a bully.



  1. Oh my gosh, that’s terrible! That poor girl. That sounds like a group of legitimately crazy people there. Why not just and comment on her blog and say “he did you know X about this author?” And then she would have researched and removed the favourable review herself. Geez. This stuff makes me so afraid for my kids too. 😦

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  2. Unfortunately, calling her a “girl” doesn’t help. She’s a young lady. Woman, even. Or Young woman, if you so please. If it happened to a male friend of your son’s, you’d probably call him a young man. What’s so different about this female?


    • If it happened to a young male, I’d probably refer to him as a guy. But even so, if she were 14 and a ‘girl’, this message would be the same, no?


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