Poem: Hope

Invisible. Overlooked.

“You matter.”

Disbelief derived from
the constant struggle
to be seen,
to be heard,
and the cycle perpetuated
ad infinitum,
ad nauseum.

“You deserve more.”

How do you believe those words
when they’re surrounded
by the echoes
of a thousand other words –
angry words,
belittling words….
Sarcastic words said with a smile,
but the smile has long since faded
and there is only the words
etched in red
on a black and blue soul.

“You are unique.
You are talented.”

And that moment
when a stranger offers
a path to walk,
a door to open,
a future full of

And he smiled.

And he believed.

Maybe for a moment,
but that moment
gave him hope.



    • I think one of the beauties of poetry is that whilst I’m obviously not thinking of the same situation you are, great poetry will help you envision your own situation that fits, and I’ve got one that fits perfectly.

      Liked by 1 person

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