Music Monday: Everyone Is Gay by A Great Big World

I think I mentioned in a previous post how my kids sometimes influence my music. Most of the time they’re forced to listen to (or watch) what my husband and I want to listen to (or watch), because… Well, that’s just how life works. You’re the kids, we’re the adults, it’s our house, our car, our music or shows. *Pthb*

Sometimes the kids will plead me with to listen to a song just in case I like it. I usually give in, but don’t usually like it. Sometimes they hit on a good one though, and sometimes I don’t hate it enough to make them turn it off. *Laugh* Every now and then one creeps on to my playlist.

Both my kids are very staunch allies of the LGBT+ community. My husband and I are allies too, but my kids are really passionate about it. Both have friends on the spectrum. My son has lost touch with a lot of his friends since he left high school, but my daughter still has multiple friends who are gay, lesbian, bi or pansexual. I don’t think any of hers are trans, whereas my son had a trans friend in high school. It’s way more common now. When I was at high school, I knew one or two guys who were openly gay. Some came out as gay later, after high school. But I never knew anyone who identified as anything else on the spectrum, or at least, not that they admitted to. These days it seems almost cool to be on the spectrum.

Despite my daughter’s anxiety being triggered by the chaos of the crowds, both kids were delighted to catch the London Pride Parade when we were there last year. It was just pure coincidence that we were in London on the right day. We’d been in London a few times before that in the days or week prior, and there were rainbow banners and stuff everywhere. My daughter commented how awesome it was that London was so proud of being LGBT+ friendly. I had to point out that it was pride month, and it wasn’t like that all the time. Still cool though. Our one regret was not buying London Pride t shirts for the kids. We wanted to, but didn’t manage to make it happen.

Anyway, back to the music. This is one that I heard my daughter listening to recently. She is music mad at the moment (as well as being anime mad!) and is constantly singing along to or doing weird hand movements and expressions to the music while mouthing the words. It’s actually really freaking annoying. Imagine trying to concentrate on something while someone is doing what looks like the craziest sign language ever at the edge of your vision. *Facepalm* Anyway, this song amused me, so I added it to my playlist. It’s just a fun, happy song that makes me smile.

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