Music Monday: Come Sail Away by Styx

Continuing this theme of ‘guilty pleasures’, I’m sharing a song that I don’t often listen to, but I kinda like anyway. I know I heard a really great version of this one, and it stayed in my head, but now when I listen to the original, it sounds a little…flat. But that might just be my music tastes that have changed a little. Or I might need to go hunting and find that other version.

This song became popular (again) after it featured on the South Park cartoon. Yes, Cartman has an annoying voice, but yes, I can listen to his version too. I don’t know why. Let’s just call it weird and move on.

I grew up being able to hear the ocean on still nights. We probably lived about 10km (6 miles) from the east coast, as the crow flies. And if we walked up to a high point on the farm, we could see the west coast as well, although I don’t remember doing that often. There was nothing else to see up there except maybe some wild deer and a whole shitload of gorse.

We learned to swim in primary school, but I’d always loved the water. I remember one day we were driving back from Whangarei and there was a thunderstorm, so we stopped and had a swim at the beach. In my head, I feel like we stopped at Lang’s Beach, but we didn’t usually go that way to/from Whangarei. Maybe we’d been somewhere else? Maybe it was another beach. Anyway, I have this memory of us girls swimming at the beach in a thunderstorm. So crazy. What was Dad thinking? *Laugh* It’s a fun memory though. Sometimes there’s just something awesome about spontaneity.

We did sailing on primary school camps, where we learned to sail little P-class yachts. That was kinda cool.

After primary school, I never sailed again, but for seven years from 2010-2016, I worked for a company who hired a yacht for their annual Christmas function. We’d sail to one of the islands in Auckland’s harbour, anchor, have a BBQ lunch and a swim, and then head back. In all the years I worked there, it never rained on the day we went sailing. After I was made redundant from that company, it was a slow decline as the New Zealand office closed, and two years later the last staff were made redundant. As a last hurrah, they invited all ex-staff to one last sailing trip. That was in November just gone, and it was awesome. It rained. *Rolling*But it was still awesome. So many good memories and such a nice atmosphere. We didn’t go for a swim, because it wasn’t really warm enough, but in every other respect, it was great fun. Even with the rain.

I look to the sea
reflections in the waves spark my memory
Some happy some sad
I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
We live happily forever so the story goes
But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold
But we’ll try best that we can to carry on

If you’re a South Park fan, here’s the Cartman version…

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