Music Monday: Low by Flo Rida

When I was at my last job, I was the second oldest person in the office. Which was weird for me, because I’d been the youngest person in the office/department for 14 years running. The ‘young people’ constantly reminded me how old I was. They’d say things like ‘I was born in 1995’; and I’d be all *Rant**Sob*.

I’d always been the person in charge of music, because I was able to choose a selection to suit most tastes. It’s not hard to choose middle of the road music, the classics, that people my age and up are happy to listen to. But that didn’t work in that job. They were all like ‘This is my jam!’ and I was all ‘Wait, what is this, I’ve never heard it before but damn, it’s annoying.’ *Facepalm*

Their music was so bad. I used to tease one of the young girls (she was 22) that she liked ‘elevator music’.

When we went to karaoke for a team bonding thing, that girl skipped every song I queued. *Rolleyes* But listening to her rap this song was hilarious.

My sister ended up marrying Mr Low, becoming Mrs Low, and I laughed out loud when they finished their wedding reception by grooving down to this song. *Bigsmile*

And yeah, I gotta admit… I kinda like it. A lot. My daughter and I play it loud and groove down to the ‘low, low, low’ bit. My son thinks it’s so lame because I’m old and white. *Laugh*

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