Music Monday: The Boys Light Up by Australian Crawl

It’s Music Monday again, and I want to share a song that I really love listening to, and can listen to over and over.

It’s by an Australian band, but we won’t hold that against them. *Wink*

They were actually here in January, but I wasn’t able to go. My in-laws did, and I was so jealous. Seeing Australian Crawl live is on my bucket list. So is seeing Dave Gilmour, but that’s not relevant to this entry. *Laugh*

This song has no particular emotional attachment, I just love it. It was so funny one day, I was listening to it with my mum and she commented that she liked it too, and I pointed out how dirty it really was. She hates when I do that. *Laugh* Ruins the song for her until she forgets what I’ve told her.

The Boys Light Up was released in 1980, the year that I was born. When asked what the song was about, the writer and lead singer James Reyne said “Well, really? It’s about fellatio.” *Rolling* “It was also about the sort of burgeoning, you know, kind of… new middle class, the new money and the new money aspirational… uh… class.”
But damn it’s a good song.

Let me tell you about my mountain home
Where all the ladies’ names are Joan
Where husband works back late at night
Hopes are up for trousers down
With hostess on a business flight
Taxi in a Mercedes drive
I hope that driver’s coming out alive
The garden it is dorsetted
That lady she’s so corseted
She’s got 15 ways to lead that boy astray
He thinks he’s one and only
But that lovely she’s so lonely
She pumps him full of breakfast and she sends him on his way
What a sing song dance
What a performance
What a cheap tent show
Oh no no no no no
Then the boys light up
Silently she opens the drawer
Mother’s little helper is coming out for more
Strategically positioned before the midday show
Her back is arched, those lips are parched
Repeated blow by blow
Later at the party all the MP’s rave
About the hummers she’s been giving
And the money that they save
To her it is skin lotion
For him promotion to
That flat in Surfers Paradise with the ocean view
What a sing song dance
What a performance
What a cheap ten show
Oh no no no no no
Then the boys light up

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