Music Monday: Burning Rain by Midge Marsden

It’s Music Monday again!

In February my husband and I went to a free concert at Blockhouse Bay beach. It was Midge Marsden, and this year he was supported on lead guitar by a family friend of ours, Chet O’Connell. We’d been to the same concert last year, and my husband had really enjoyed the bluesy style of music, so we went again.

No kids. Our daughter was at a friend’s house, and our son stayed home by himself. It was just me and hubby. A date night! *Bigsmile*

We sat on the beach and ate some weirdly gourmet burgers that we bought from a little food truck. They were quite mediocre for being so fancy.

The view to our right was just gorgeous. We watched the sea as it turned from a sunny afternoon to a balmy evening, with the sky slowly darkening to a deep blue and a really lovely tangerine-orange sunset. And all the while, we had fantastic live music playing in the background.

We had an ice cream, because we were on the beach and it seemed the thing to do. *Laugh* I wanted to get a photo for all my Northern Hemisphere friends who were suffering through winter, but hubby wasn’t inclined to get up until he had to. Then, of course, he decided he’d been sitting down too long and got up, when it was dark and there was no more view to be had. *Rolleyes* Typical.

We spent the last half of the concert dancing in front of the stage. By dancing, I mean we were tapping our toes and wiggling our asses, but we weren’t moving from one spot. There were too many people for proper dancing, but we don’t really do proper dancing anyway. A shuffle in place is good enough. At one point, while Midge was crooning some slow song, I was swaying with my hubby against my back, his hands around my waist, looking up at the stars, and I thought ‘This is a perfect moment.’ It was, just me and hubby, enjoying a really lovely moment, under the stars, listening to some fantastic music.

Of course, a lot of the music was fast paced, and man did Midge wail on that harmonica. Wow. Pretty incredible.

Of course, my favourite was Burning Rain. It’s a song I have in my playlist, but it’s way more powerful and rocky when he does it live. I’ve heard him play it twice, this year and last year, and both times it was awesome. I always liked the song, but it’s a whole other song when he does it live. Just amazing.

I hope this video works okay. I wasn’t able to watch it before sharing it. But the lead guitarist in this video is the same family friend, Chet O’Connell, who played with him on Friday night.

Apparently Midge is retiring, so this was the last time he’d do this particular concert, and I was Googling him earlier and found out that he’s stopping performing altogether. I feel extra lucky to have seen him twice. Such a good night. Because it was his last one, he did a whole bunch of extra songs, going way over time. It was awesome. He was singing because he wanted to sing, you know, but also as a thank you to all the people who came to see him play. And he did the most epic harmonica solo ever. I’m not a huge fan of the harmonica, but this was pretty awesome.

They did a bunch of songs that I recognised but hubby didn’t, which surprised me even though it shouldn’t have. My parents had different tastes in music to his parents, as mine were teenagers in the 60s and his were teenagers in the 70s. They finished off with The Rolling Stone’s The Last Time, since it was his last time playing this gig. It was epic, with everyone singing along, including the two of us.  Such a good night.

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