Music Monday: Miranda Lambert

It’s Music Monday, and this week’s theme at’s Soundtrackers activity is ‘current playlist’. I have several playlists. I don’t have Spotify, and my Apple Music subscription has lapsed, so I’m only using Youtube at the moment. Which sucks actually, because you can’t have music playing in the background while you’re reading a book or whatever. Eventually, when I’ve sorted out our finances again (must get on to that) I’ll get a subscription to one of them again. People rave about Spotify, and that’s what Steve uses, but so far I’ve found the best to be Youtube Music. I like it because I can put all my favourites into one big ‘liked music’ list and then it not only plays songs I like, it also offers me new songs to listen to, based on those I like already. I’ve found a bunch of new songs that way. So that’s probably what I’ll go back to.

Before YouTube Music, I’d never heard of Miranda Lambert. I quite like her stuff. Although I’m terrible at putting music into categories (and forget sub-categories like ‘alternative rock’ or whatever), for me I feel like she’s a bit country, but not so country that it’s cringe-worthy. Anyway, YouTube Music introduced me to some of her songs. I’m not sure what in my playlist made it think I’d like her. I didn’t have a lot of country in there. The Eagles, who straddle that line between country and classic rock… Mumford and Sons are probably country in some sense. Hmm, Wikipedia says they’re ‘folk rock’ and ‘alternative rock’. Apparently the Eagles are ‘folk rock’ too as well as ‘country rock’, ‘soft rock’ and just plain ‘rock’. *Rolleyes*

Anyway, I like Miranda Lambert, even if Wikipedia says she’s just pure country. I’ve always liked country, because when I was a kid my dad used to belong to the local country music club, and my sisters and I used to sing out of his country music songbook and sometimes we were allowed to go along to the club nights. Years later I found out that Dad didn’t actually like country music, it was just one of the few places he could play music with other musicians. *Laugh* Anyway, it reminds me of my childhood on the farm. But I don’t listen to it as a matter of course. If I hear it, I’ll be humming away and tapping my feet, but it’s not something I listen to in the car or at home. Does that make sense? It’s nice to hear every now and then, not all the time.

So these are my favourite two Miranda Lambert songs. I like the music, the beat and the music video of the first one, and the lyrics of the second one.


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