Poem: Vigil

Gnarled fingers,
with a web of fine lines
that speak of hard work,
passion and perseverance,
slide gentle and cool
across my palm.
A light squeeze –
a greeting and I love you
and I’m going to miss you
in the simplest language of all.


  1. I would like to learn to write ‘free’ verse. I have been writing English sonnets for many years now. It is difficult to break away from the security of form poetry. As an exercise, should I go back, retrace each sonnet and break it down into bits and pieces? Would that make it ‘free’? What would you suggest? Jackie


    • I’m terrible at form poetry and started with free verse, so I’m not sure of the best way to cross from one to the other. I have improved enormously with the help of people on Writing.com who know more of the technical side than I do. I recommend you talk to them. If you sign up to Writing.com (it’s free), give me a shout out or email (my username there is just Elle) and I’ll put you in touch with them.


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