Music Monday: Gonna Make You Happy Tonight by Tripod

This song makes me laugh. It’s sooooo true! *Laugh*

Gonna make you happy tonight
Give my love to you
Gonna make you feel so right

Spend some time with you
Do the things you want me to
Gonna make love
Gonna make some sweet sweet love sugar
So get ready
Oh get ready get ready
Ready for loving tonight

Before we get down to love
Before we get down
I just gotta finish this level

Do you have any idea how many times my husband has said to me, “Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec, babe, I just gotta finish this level”? *Rolling* Not so much now that he plays MMOs, but definitely in the early years of our relationship and marriage.

I gotta high score tonight
I just gotta save my game
I’ll be with you in a minute sweet baby
I love how you dance for me
But could you move a little to the left baby
I can’t see the TV

Baby I can’t wait till we start
It’s just that the save points are so far apart
In this game baby
But I do love you

I used to refer to myself as a Diablo widow. “But babe, the save points are so far apart!” *Rolling*

Baby this bit’s got multiplayer
Maybe you can operate a turret with me baby would you like that?
It’s good ’cause
Games give you hand-eye coordination
And spatial intelligence, together with map reading skills

I remember my husband showing me a newspaper article one day that explained how playing computer games teaches all those skills. He was trying to convince me that it was beneficial to him to play them. *Laugh* Nice try!

Turn the lights down low
Lower lower
Turn the lights down low
Just a little bit lower
Turn the lights down low
It’s just that it helps me feel like I’m in a spaceship 

Ever since I heard this song, I’ve taken to turning the lights off on him while he’s playing his games, usually as I head to bed, and asking “Does it make you feel like you’re in a spaceship?” *Laugh*

Then we can make some
Sweet sweet love honey
You look so great to me baby
Have you brushed your teeth yet?
Take your time
No hurry
It’s just that I’m not tired
Are you tired?
I’ll see you in the bed then
You might want to take a book 

And of course, what am I doing while he is playing his computer games until the wee hours? Reading a book. *Laugh* Seriously, it’s like they knew us when they wrote this song.

Ooh you so fine baby
I can’t stop thinking about you…and all the coins I have to collect
I just gotta find one secret area
Get one more ability point
And I’ll make sweet love to you baby
I think this xbox
Is the best present I ever bought for you, Baby

This is the only place where the song differs from the reality that is my marriage. Although we’ve owned a an Xbox and a Playstation and a Wii, it has always been the computer games that have absorbed my husband.

Currently his favourites are Escape From Tarkov and Path of Exile. There have been numerous ones along the way.

I’m not really into computer games. The only two I’ve ever got into are Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) which I played a lot when I was flatting in ’98-99 and Civ. I can’t remember if I had the first two editions of Civ, but I definitely remember having Civ III, which was the main one I played. Then I upgraded to Civ IV and Civ V. I think that was the last one I ever played. They’re up to… Oh, they’re only up to VI. I thought there’d have been more than that by now. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Civ is a turn-based strategy game where you literally build a civilisation. ADOM was a ‘roguelike’ game, whatever that means. You chose a character and had to complete quests. Reminded me heavily of Dungeons and Dragons although I never played D&D. It was an epic game, with the most basic imagery you could possibly imagine. For example, your character was just an @ symbol on the screen. A tree was a green t. Very simplistic. But the quests and challenges and levels were epic. I think the highest I ever got to was about level 14. One of my flatmates, Alex, got to 30-something. I’ve never known anyone who actually finished the game.

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