Music Monday: Feel Inside (and stuff like that) by Flight of the Conchords

This song has the feels on so many levels.

Growing up in New Zealand we used to have these charity telethons on TV. Celebrities would entertain us, live, and people would ring in and pledge money for charity. The totals would be tallied live on the show, and the people or businesses donating would have their names mentioned. It was a real feel-good thing. The country coming together for charity but also having a laugh together. I presume they’ve had them in numerous other countries around the world. Anyway, they’re happy childhood memories.

Then there’s Red Nose Day which raises money for sick kids. When I was a kid, the song for Red Nose Day was always You Make The Whole World Smile.

That’s not my song for today though, that was just a wee bonus. *Laugh*

In 2012 they did a Red Nose Day telethon and as part of it, they asked Flight of the Conchords to write a new song. The duo interviewed a bunch of children, and then used the kids’ answers as the lyrics for the song. The kids were so cute, and their answers were hilarious, as only small children’s answers can be. Flight of the Conchords recorded the song with a bunch of New Zealand singers.

Unless you’re a major fan of the Flight of the Conchords, I’d skip to 5:08, skipping the scene where Rhys Darby talks the Flight of the Conchords into doing the song. I can’t stand Rhys Darby. He pisses me off. But if you’re a fan, feel free to watch it from the beginning.

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