January reading recap

These are the books I read in January, and the ratings I gave them.

Home by Cara Dee
Uncomplicated Choices by Cara Dee
Aftermath by Cara Dee
Strays by Garrett Leigh
Misfits by Garrett Leigh (re-read)

Public Display of Everything by Cara Dee
Protecting Alabama by Susan Stoker
Dirty Sweet Wild by Julie Kriss
Rich Dirty Dangerous by Julie Kriss
Outcome by Cara Dee
Highland Healer by Willa Blair (re-read)
Scent of Magic by Maria V Snyder
Brandywine by Jackie Ivie
Taste of Darkness by Maria V Snyder

Bad Billionaire by Julie Kriss
Unwritten Law by Eden Finley
Aaron’s Mate by Tamsin Baker

Alluring Attraction by A F Zoelle

Overall, that’s a pretty good month.  Considering three stars is an average rating, most of the books I read this month were above average.  Nice!

Also, I don’t update ratings when I re-read a book.  Because it’s rarely as good the second time, and I think it’s only fair to maintain the original rating even if my tastes change over time.

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