Working on my family recipe book project

Worked on my recipe book yesterday. I’ve actually restarted from scratch. *Shock2* I know, I know, there is a big part of me bemoaning all those wasted hours. But I’ve thought a few times that I shouldn’t have gone down the digital scrapbooking route with it, and I finally gave in and restarted with a simple, clean template. I showed it to my husband and daughter, and they agreed it was much better. It was more useable as a cookbook and easier on the eyes. *ThumbsUp* So I’m rolling with it. It’ll be much faster to make progress on now that I’m not digitally scrapbooking every page.

I did a poll on and Facebook last month because I wasn’t sure about how to proceed with the project. I have more than 400 recipes (and my daughter, my cousin and two of my cousins-once-removed have all said they have more recipes to contribute). Blurb only prints a maximum of 400 pages in a book, and I have to account for an introduction, contents pages, category headings, etc. I also really want to put a list of contributors in the back and note their relationship to myself and my husband, because a number of people won’t know where the contributors of the recipes fit into the family, as they’re from every branch of the family tree.

So I had a few options.
1. Split the book into volumes. This was my mother’s preferred option as it makes each book more affordable.
2. Separate the book into two – my family and my in-law’s. This was my mother-in-law’s preferred option, presumably because she only wants the recipes from her side of the family.

The first option won the polls.

Or… I could try and put more than one recipe on a page and see if I can fit them all in. This is MY preferred option as it means I don’t have to double up on the category headers (which all feature quotes from different family members) for each book, and I don’t have to try and figure out which book to put my kids’ recipes into if I split the project into two family groups (or do I double up on them in each book?), etc. It makes life easier for me. Plus, I love the idea of having all the recipes in one book.

But can I do it so that it looks good and doesn’t look all squished up? The font has to be readable, not teeny tiny. So that’s my challenge.

I was working on the category headers last night. I’ve had to add two more categories, following a phone call to my mother that ended up with me on speaker phone talking to her, my sister and their dinner guests! So now we have:
Breakfast (new category) with quotes from my mother and my brother-in-law
Starters and snacks with a quote from my maternal aunt
Soups with quotes from my maternal aunts, my mother, my cousin and myself
Main meals with quotes from my husband’s maternal grandfather
Side dishes with a quote from my paternal second cousin
Desserts and puddings (renamed category) with a quote from my sister
Baking with quotes from my maternal aunt and my dad’s maternal cousin
Sweets (new category) with a quote from my husband
Special occasions with a quote from my mother
Drinks with a quote from my husband’s maternal grandfather and my dad’s paternal cousin
Condiments and preserves with a quote from my maternal grandfather
Miscellaneous (renamed category) with quotes from my father-in-law and mother-in-law

I’m all pumped up and excited about the project again, which is awesome. I’ve been working on it lately because I know I needed to, but to feel enthused and excited again is perfect. Yay! I feel like I had a productive weekend, if only because I have a direction to go in with this project. *Bigsmile*

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