#T5W – Favourite friend groups

This week’s prompt for Top 5 Wednesday is favourite friend groups.  Ooh, fun!  There are a number of series that follow various family members, but also a whole bunch that follow different friends.  It’s going to be hard to choose.

The Truth As He Knows ItThe World As He Sees ItThe Heart As He Hears It

You’ve got Noel and Tristan, who have been friends since college, and Shane, Gabe and Jon who all know each other from their work with Charles, who has his own story in the Us series.  It’s actually quite common for A M Arthur’s characters to show up in other series.  For example, Will from the All Saints series is connected to James from the Restoration series.  It’s kind of like all of her characters one big group of friends and friends of friends, all connected by various degrees of separation.  When you read a new book, it’s like old friends stop by and say hello, and characters who were on the edges of previous stories step forward.  I love it.  And while I was looking up covers, etc., for this post, I found two more A M Arthur books to read.  Win!  If you like m/m books with powerful emotions, check out the Perspective series.

Darkness DawnsNight ReignsIn Still DarknessDarkness RisesNight Unbound

Roland, Seth, David, Marcus, Ami, the d’Alencon siblings, and the others who join them along the way.  I love the way they bicker like siblings and have each other’s backs the same.  Yet, apart from the d’Alencons, they’re not related.  Oh, there might be one of Roland’s descendants in the bunch somewhere, but these guys and gals are banded together through a sense of united purpose and even more, a sense that they belong and the others understand them.  Even the self-destructive, angry ones, like Marcus and Bastien understand that they need people who ‘get’ them.  They’re all there for each other, and every one of them has another person or more in the group that they truly connect to and call a true friend.  My favourite bond is the one between Ami and Zach.  If you like paranormal vampire novels, this is a pretty epic series.

A Better ManA Hunted ManA Restored ManA Mended ManA Worthy Man

I know, it’s no secret that Cole is my favourite, but Jaime Reese does a great job with the characters from The Men of Halfway House series.  Even Aidan, the asshole, wins us over.  Julian and Matt are kind of the glue that helps keep the group together (and sane), but everyone is tied in.  If you didn’t have Hunter, you wouldn’t have Aidan and Jessie, and if you didn’t have Aidan, you wouldn’t have Ty, and if you didn’t have Ty, you wouldn’t have Drayton and Vann…  Drayton and Vann are sort of on the outskirts of the group a little, but they definitely have their place.  And when they all congregate at Halfway House, it’s so awesome to see them all together.  Some amazing people in that group.  Although I’m glad I read the first two books, they’re weren’t five star reads for me.  The third and fourth books though….  If I could have given them more than five stars, I would have.  Seriously good.  I’ve reviewed both of them in this blog before, but yeah, if you like m/m books, these guys are worth reading.

Angels' BloodArchangel's KissArchangel's ConsortArchangel's BladeArchangel's Storm

I’ll try not to gush about Illium too much, although I do adore him.  I can’t wait to read his book.  Nalini has hinted that he’ll have one…eventually.  I’m just about to start book six in this series, and I’m loving the Seven.  Dmitri, Galen, Jason, Venom, Illium, Aodhan and Naasir.  A very strong group of friends, with some very contrasting personalities.  I’m particularly looking forward to reading more about Aodhan and Illium.  The series features archangels, angels, vampires and humans, and there are a few paranormal twists.  And bonus, written by a New Zealander who I got to meet at the Auckland Writer’s Festival one year.  If you’re going to read this series (and I definitely recommend it), check out the audio books.  The narrator does a fabulous job.

When You DareTrace of FeverSavor the DangerA Perfect StormWhat Chris Wants

Dare, Trace and Chris are the center of this group, but they’re all a tight knit bunch, including the wives.  Not that Arizona would like being referred to as ‘one of the wives’.  She’s more like one of the guys.  Chris is my favourite of the group, but I think Dare and Arizona’s stories are the ones I’ve re-read and enjoyed the most.  Dare and Molly also have a connection to the characters in the Love Undercover series.  Apart from What Chris Wants, which is a novella, these are all m/f stories with a mercenary/paramilitary kind of theme.

All of these series feature multi-dimensional, unique characters who stand out and are memorable.  The authors put serious work into these characters and it shows.  Some fabulous reading.

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