Book review: Auctioned by Cara Dee

Auctioned (8392, #1)

This book features Gray who is an ordinary college student.  Except Gray is abducted by human traffickers and that changes everything.  Literally everything.  His life becomes about survival, and the bonds he forms with the other boys he comes into contact with affect him on a level he could never have expected.  And then there’s Darius, who has been sent to save Gray, but has to do it by becoming Gray’s new owner.

This is a seriously powerful book.  If you’re triggered by any kind of violence, sexual or otherwise, or by psychological cruelty, don’t read it.  But wow, it’s good.  It finishes on a sort of ‘happy for now’ ending, but there’s a sequel coming.  I thought the author did an amazing job of showing how unstable Gray became, how easily his emotions were manipulated and how difficult he found it to trust even while he was desperate for hope.  There’s no way that Gray was ready for a relationship at the end of this book, which is why I’m kind of glad that there’s a sequel and the author didn’t just brush off all the trauma Gray has had to deal with.  No one comes through that kind of thing intact.  And some of the scenes were seriously heartbreaking.  It’s incredible well written though.  Seriously, go read it.


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