#T5W – Redemption arcs

Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1)

When Elena first meets Raphael, she’s not impressed.  Okay, she is, because he’s an archangel, and she’s a mere human.  He rules New York and all the angels, vampires and humans in it.  He’s lived so long and seen so much, seen so many come and go, that the life of a mortal seems woefully insignificant.  But all that makes him an arrogant, demanding asshole.  Elena’s not stupid enough to say no to the archangel of New York but he’s sending her on a suicide mission and she doesn’t have to like it.  Or him.

Five stars, and the beginning of an epic series.


Keep Me Safe (Slow Burn #1)

Ramie has a gift that helps her find missing people.  But the gift takes a heavy toll on her, and she can’t take anymore.  She goes into hiding, but Caleb Devereaux will do anything to find his younger sister, and that means hunting Ramie down and forcing her to help him, regardless of what it costs her.  But when he witness the price she has to pay, he realises how much he owes her.  Ramie isn’t interested in repayment though.  She just wants to be left alone.

Five stars, and a powerful read.


A Promise of Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles, #1)

He literally kidnaps her.  Griffin is a warlord without magic, in a world where magic is power.  Cat has magic. So he kidnaps her, intending to use her to help him maintain power.  But it’s not really that simple.  He’s not really that kind of man, and well, she’s not really the ‘sit down, shut up, you’ve just been kidnapped’ kind of girl.  And she’s damn well gonna make Griffin work for his redemption.

Five stars, and the whole trilogy is a fantastic five stars.  Read it.  If you like fantasy and/or paranormal, then read it.


Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue, #1)

Callum isn’t interested in making friends.  Or being nice.  Or smiling.  He barks orders, and people do what they’re told.  And that’s how he wants it.  But Lou is like nobody he’s ever encountered before, and suddenly she’s turning his orderly world into chaos.

Five stars.  Read it because it’ll make you smile.  And everyone needs to smile.  Even Callum.


A Mended Man (The Men of Halfway House, #4)

This is the fourth book in the Men of Halfway House series, and by the end of the third book, the reader is well aware that Aidan Calloway is an asshole.  Even his friends, few that they are, know he’s an asshole.  If you’ve read A Restored Man (the book before this one in the series) and I recommend you do, then you can’t forget the scene where Aidan punches Cole.  I was NOT expecting to enjoy this book.  But Jaime Reese, the author, weaved some serious magic.  Honestly, if you’re going to read any book with a redemption arc, let it be this one.  It’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s gut-wrenching…  Big tough Aidan and sweet Jesse will take you on a serious emotional roller coaster, and you’ll be surprised by which parts hit you the hardest.

Five stars, no questions.  But seriously, read A Restored Man first.  Cole is worth it, but it’ll also set you up to truly appreciate Aidan’s redemption.

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