I’m a level 38 bard

I’ve been super busy lately.  I recently hosted the 11th annual Quill Awards ceremony on Writing.com, and now I need to deliver the 208 awards to the winners and honorable mentions.  Both the preparation and the organisation (even afterwards) is a mammoth job, but I love it.

We run a live Google Hangout for the ceremony, with a bunch of Writing.com members chatting and announcing the various winners.  It’s great to talk to and see people that are usually just words on a page, but also amazing to be part of something so feel-good.

Winning a Quill Award on Writing.com is truly something special.  I won my first Quill in 2013 for Best Holiday genre, with an activity I’d hosted.  Since then I’ve also won a Quill in 2015 for Best Short Structured Poem and Best Flash Fiction, and in 2014 I won a Quill for Special Contribution to Writing.com which was a real honour.

I took over the hosting in 2015, when the previous host was unable to continue.  It was last minute, hence why I was still eligible for awards that year.  Since then I have excluded myself from nominations.  There’s nothing more awkward than announcing that you’ve won the prize!  *Laugh*  But yeah, I remember that feeling of winning that first Quill for my writing and realising that others valued my work and believed it worthy.  It’s so inspiring and encouraging.  So I will keep up the work as long as I can.

What else have I been up to?  Mostly prepping for our big trip overseas.  12 working days to go!   *Cool*   Ha ha!  I haven’t worked out the exact number of sleeps, I’m more interested in how many days of work there are left. *Smirk*

I’ve been working on my big spring clean before we go.  So far we’ve got all the bedrooms done, both bathrooms and the kitchen.  We’ve still got to do the upstairs hallway, the laundry and the lounge.  Definitely on the home stretch, but it’s been hard yakka (that’s work, for those who aren’t familiar with the lingo).  It’ll be nice to come home to a clean house, but more importantly, we’ve got a house sitter, so the place needs to be up to a decent standard.

Had a hilarious conversation on Writing.com this evening that just tickled my sense of humour and I had to rush over here to share it with you.  Of course, then I had to explain why I’d been a bit absent lately.  *Rolleyes*  The good news is that when I’m on holiday, I’m hoping to catch up with a whole bunch of blog reading!  *Delight*  I should have some neat stories and photos to share with you all too.  I’ve been reading Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals (and still have time to enjoy your trip!) by Dave Fox, and that’s given me some good ideas, so fingers crossed it’ll be worth reading!

Okay, yeah, so that conversation we had:

Lilli: I prefer to refer to age in terms of ‘levels’. If you say you are at Level 53, that would sound pretty cool.

Jayne: I’m level 41 monk because I have to rely on items for healing, but I can take massive amounts of damage.
Mr. J is a level 47 warrior.
What my party needs is a mage, dang it.

Elle: I love the idea of doing age in levels! Is that super geeky or… Nah, I’m going with cool.  *Cool*
I’m a level 38 bard. Oh yeah. This is definitely gonna be my new thing. *Laugh*

So, what level and class are you?  *Laugh*


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