It’s all about perseverance

My daughter did the ‘Great Te Atatu Mud Run’ on Sunday morning.  She signed up to do the long run (1km), although this was supposed to be for people aged 16+ and she’s only 12, as she was doing it with two family friends of ours.

We watched some people do shorter runs, and it was amusing to watch them slog through the knee-deep mud.  On the smaller people, it was occasionally thigh or waist high mud!

One of the ladies that was doing the run with my daughter was running late, so the three of them ending up starting the long run quite a while after everyone else.  By that stage we had already seen some people give up and many people struggling to make it back to dry land, and we were a bit nervous about how she would cope.  She was easily the youngest participant for this course.

The obligatory ‘before’ photo when they were still clean!

The 1km course ended up taking them a full hour to complete.  They were covered in mud from head to toe, literally, with mud in their hair and everything.  They were absolutely knackered, but triumphant, and grinning from ear to ear.

Thankfully there were some handy fireman bearing hoses to clean them off before they got in the car to come home.  The car still got pretty grimy though.


At home, she took a long, hot shower and then spent the afternoon drawing.  She’s at the stage of self-taught drawing where she’s finding drawings she likes online and copying them, freehand.  We watched our son go through that too.  They start with tracing, then move on to copying, then start drawing things from their own imagination and/or things that they see in real life.

They don’t get the drawing talent from my husband or me specifically, but we have plenty of artists in the family.  My mother and sister are both skilled artists, and my husband’s grandparents on his mother’s side were too.  Having watched my son learn to draw, I know that it is 90% practice and 10% talent, but you need that drive, that love of drawing to keep you practicing until you start to get good.  It’s so wonderful to see my daughter following in his footsteps.  I love seeing the art they create.

How impressive is that for a 12 year old drawing freehand?!

Oh, and I did spend Saturday with my mum working on the photo book project for my sister, so I’m on track there.  And I will try to get some more book reviews done soon too.  I have read a few books that I need to review.

What have you been up to?


    • The run did look like fun! I might do a shorter course with her next year. And yes, I was very impressed with her drawing. It’s amazing what they can achieve when they’re determined to succeed.

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      • I had a very you g friend who had been drawing since he could hold a pencil, he now works as an animator. Thing is, he always said, anyone could draw, all it takes is practise. To this day, I think he still believes that, but it is not so. Note veryone can draw. It is nice she has that outlet, she probably has musical capabilities too


      • She started learning guitar a couple of years ago but didn’t have the patience to practice. It would probably be worth her trying again now that she has better concentration skills.

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      • Depends on how she was elarning as well. If it is classical it may be too boring, instead she could learn to read tabs online, she probably has it in her and willrealize when she’s in her teens maybe. Lessons are boring. If she can do it on her own she might like it better.


      • She likes rock music, so she found a YouTube video and learned how to play Come As You Are by Nirvana. But you’re right, she does seem to learn well when she can do her own thing. She’s learned more Japanese from YouTube than from her high school class so far!

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    • She’s really new to drawing but I’ve been so impressed with her recent ones. It’s like one day it just clicked and went from childish drawings to ones like the one I posted.

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