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I’m participating in a fun blogging activity started by Ian at Adventure Rules. He assigned us all ‘secret Valentine’s, and we get to explore a new blog and share it with you, our readers. Great fun! I love exploring new blogs, and this was a good way to get out of my comfort zone.

Falcon Game Reviews sounds pretty self-explanatory, right?  It’s way more than that though, all with an overarching gaming theme.  A lot of my followers are in to creative writing, and yep, there’s some of that too!  It’s probably technically fan-fiction (if you gotta throw a label on it, which I think I just did) as Shelby writes short stories from the perspective of characters from The Long Dark, his favourite game.

I found even the intro pages quite interesting, and I wonder if that’s because I’m the wife of a gamer. *Bigsmile*

I can’t possibly do justice to Shelby’s blog, as I’m not a gamer, and the only two computer games I’ve ever really enjoyed are not on his (very impressive) list of games, but Shelby writes in a way that you can easily understand his posts without an in-depth gaming knowledge, so that’s awesome.

That’d be like watching a movie that contained 12 hours of static spread throughout. Sure, the $10 I spent on the ticket and the $15 small popcorn would be worth the price if the movie was good, but anyone would feel ripped off if the situation were otherwise. The fact is, people play games to be entertained. Who wants to play a game that’s a chore to get through?

His posts incorporate a nice level of humour that makes them fun to read.

Games are expensive, sometimes. Most mainstream games these days seen to hover about the $50-$60 (US) range, with indie titles hanging out around $20-$30 (US). That may be pocket change to some folks, but Jennifer and I aren’t made of money. If that were the case, I’d be laundering cash every time I took a shower.

Wait, that’s not what that idiom means.

I just realised I’m doing a review of a review site.   *Facepalm*  Cue an Alanis Morissette song!

Ultimately, his posts are informative.  If you are interested in gaming, you’ll find his posts full of educated opinion and true gaming passion.  He does his best to avoid spoilers too, bonus!

I recommend reading You don’t need to enjoy everything if only for the line ‘I would rather be an uncultured swine than a pretentious douchebag.’ Ha ha!

If you want an easy intro into some of Shelby’s likes and dislikes, and his opinions, then The Most Awards 2017 is a good starting point.

There are serious game reviews aplenty, but those aren’t really my thing. I mean, they’re the focus of the blog obviously, but not really my thing. I’ve only ever played two computer games semi-seriously, and neither of them are on Shelby’s list (if you’re curious, those two games are A.D.O.M (Ancient Domains of Mystery) and Civilization).

Do check out Shelby’s creative writing though. One of his most recent stories starts with Sam’s survivor story part 1. His way of writing reminds of the narrator you get in some movies. Not the Morgan Freeman type narrators, but… Hmm, I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s easy to read though, and the imagery is vivid. I know the stories are fan-fiction about the game characters, but they read more like… well, characters in a novel. They feel like they have depth, when I guess I don’t perceive game characters to have depth. That might be ignorance on my part, or it might be skilled writing on Shelby’s part. Take the compliment and run, Shelby! *Laugh*

Anyway, if you’re interested in gaming, or if you want to read some gritty fan-fiction, go and check out Falcon Game Reviews.  Now, I’m off to tell my husband about this great gaming review site I found for him.  *Smirk*

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  1. Thanks for participating in the event, Elle! I really appreciate that you made an effort to read Shelby’s content and comment intelligently on it despite not being familiar with the subject matter. I know that can be a tricky proposition. But Shelby is a great blogger and I think he was a good option for someone unfamiliar with gaming – as you said, he’s approachable and has a versatile skill set.

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