Home and hearth

Prompt: On January 5th 1959, “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” backed by “Raining in My Heart” was released by Coral Records. It was the last release of Buddy Holly before his death.

I’m not a particularly big fan of Buddy Holly, but there’s one song of his that always throws me right back to my childhood. And no, I’m not old enough to have been alive in 1959 or when he released any of his songs. I’m only 37. Buddy Holly was way before my time.

When I was young, New Zealand didn’t have a particularly good television network. We had two channels, both owned by the same network. And where I lived, in the wop wops (that means, in the hicks, or in bum fuck nowhere, whatever you call it when it’s miles away from anywhere), we only got one radio station – Radio New Zealand. So aside from the news and similar shows (like documentaries), there wasn’t a lot to watch. What we did get was British television shows. Only Fools and Horses. Blackadder. ‘Allo ‘Allo! The Two Ronnies. Open All Hours. To The Manor Born. Last of the Summer Wine. Fawlty Towers.

And Heartbeat, which apparently started in 1992. I could have sworn it was older than that. Maybe it’s the just the theme song that makes it seem so dated. Anyway, I can’t really tell you what the show was about, other than it was based around a small town cop. Just a soap kinda thing. IMDB says ‘Constable Nick Rowan is a English Policeman in the 1960’s who decides to be reassigned to the same small village where his wife was born. There, he patrols the countryside as a part of a small attachment in the area dealing with the various events and problems that come up while at same time keeping a eye on Claude Greengrass, the local rogue.’ Ah, it’s set in the 1960s. That’s why I thought it was older. I didn’t realise it was backdated.

Anyway, whenever I hear the first few bars of this song, it transports me back to my childhood home. Which is weird, because we moved out of that house in 1993, so I’m not even 100% sure I ever watched the show there. *Blush* But it reminds me of watching TV by the fireplace, in our little farm house. It reminds me of Queen, our snow white cat, sleeping in front of the fire. It gives me warm fuzzies, because my childhood was very happy and it reminds me of those days. Often when I think of my childhood, I think of the farm, which of course was a huge part of our lives, but this song reminds me of the house, which is nice.

What songs remind you of your childhood?


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