Moving on up

Prompt: Tell us about a New Years’ Resolution you’re glad you didn’t stick to.

I didn’t really make any resolutions for 2017. The closest I came was ‘I’d like to increase the number of short stories, chapters and reviews I write.’ I did write one more short story than last year, the exact same amount of chapters, and way less reviews.

I went hunting for a resolution I’d made that I was glad I hadn’t kept. For 2015, one of the prompts had us come up with a list of things we didn’t plan to do that year. One of mine was ‘I don’t plan to move house’. In late November 2015, we moved out of our tiny, shabby house in a crappy, low socio-economic neighbourhood to a bigger, brand new house in a much better socio-economic neighbourhood.

Our kids can walk to school, which makes life so much easier. Both kids have friends within walking distance, and both kids have become more social as a result. They hang out with their friends after school and on weekends, which wasn’t an option for them before (they’re going to the same school but we used to live much further away from it).

The fact that the house is new and doesn’t need much maintenance is also a blessing. And my husband is having great fun pottering in the garden. The mortgage is much more expensive than in the previous house, and electricity is costing us more too, but we have gas for cooking, and solar and gas for hot water, which is nice. My husband likes cooking with gas, and we all like the fact that hot water doesn’t run out, especially now that both kids are having longer showers. We’s also gone from one shared bathroom to two bathrooms and an en suite for my husband and I. We LOVE having our own bathroom that the children can’t contaminate!

Another aspect is that everyone now has a decent sized bedroom (my daughter’s bedroom in the last house was miniscule), and we have a study. Don’t know how we coped without a study before, but we definitely wouldn’t cope without it now that my husband works from home on his own business.

But we knew all those things when we bought the house. That’s why we bought the house. One thing we didn’t expect was the new neighbours.

Our neighbours are lovely. We have an elderly couple between us and the road, who share our driveway. They’re real sweethearts, but also so naughty! The stories they tell! We had them over for dinner on Christmas Eve, and the husband was telling us about the first time he watched a blue movie. *Laugh**FacePalm* They’re hysterical. They look so sweet, and they really are, but yes, very naughty. They were out until 1:30am on New Year’s, whereas we were in bed when the clock hit midnight. We’re both in our 30s, and they’re in their 70s. *Rolling* We’ve got another couple at the back who are about 10 years older than us, and they’re a real laugh too. The first time they came over for dinner, I found out how old he was when a girl ‘stole his flowers’, and so much more.  *Smirk* They’re a riot. And no, we don’t just talk about sex. On Christmas Eve, conversation topics included the Tangiwai Disaster, why some couples prefer to travel together and others don’t, how to make alcohol, pets, mental illnesses, etc. etc. The best conversations are the ones that veer randomly and no subject is taboo, right? Keeps life interesting. *Smile*

So yeah, while it’s been much harder for us to stay on budget since we moved (not helped by my income dropping after I got made redundant and took a lower paid job), there are a lot of advantages to having moved house. Definitely one ‘resolution’ that I’m really pleased wasn’t kept.

Is there a resolution that you’re pleased you didn’t keep?

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