Either/Or book quiz

Angela shared this either/or quiz, so I thought I’d answer it.

I’m a little defeated by my personal preferences in reading (particularly the fact that I haven’t read the vast majority of the classics), but never mind. I look forward to seeing her next installment. In the meantime, here are my answers…

1) Paper or digital?
I love paper books, but I read digital for a number of reasons. Digital books are cheaper, and when you read as many as I do, that has to be a consideration. Digital books take up significantly less room! My husband used to get so annoyed with all my books taking up space in our tiny house. Now it’s not an issue, even though I own far more books than I did before. Digital books also offer privacy – no one knows what you’re reading. 😉

2) Romance or sci-fi?
Well, romance of course. I have read some sci fi, but yep, definitely romance.

3) History or current events?
Hmm, I don’t tend to read non-fiction, so this question is really historical or contemporary. I enjoy both, actually, but have gone away from historical in recent years, so I’d have to answer contemporary right now.

4) Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes?
Who the fuck is Hercule Poirot? *runs off to Google* Oh, okay. Well, Sherlock Holmes I guess, since I’d never heard of the other guy.

5) Twilight or Hunger Games?
Hmm… Based on the movies, I’d definitely say Hunger Games. But to be fair, I’ve read the Twilight series but never read the Hunger Games series, so… *shrugs*

6) Jane Eyre or Anna Karenina?
I haven’t read either. Neither appeal.

7) Harry Potter or Narnia?
This is a bit like the Twilight vs Hunger Games question. Based on the movies, I’d say Harry Potter. But of the two series, the one I’ve read is Narnia. I just didn’t like the religious overtones of the story. If you put that aside though, both are good stories.

8) History or biography?
I’m not into reading biographies, so I’ll go with historical fiction for this one.

9) Stand alone story or series?
Definitely a series. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some stunning standalone books out there, but I love following the secondary characters into their own books. Yup, definitely series.

10) Dante or Tolstoy?

11) Sauron or Jadis the White Witch?
Hmm… Weird choice. I guess Sauron?

12) The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew?
Nancy Drew I guess, since I was a girl and therefore more inclined to read Nancy Drew than the Hardy Boys.

What are your answers? Do let me know, and also pop by the original post and let Angela know too!

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