Canon Open Day

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Went to the Canon Open Day in Ponsonby today with Mum.  Was great fun.  We took our own cameras, but didn’t end up using them.  They supplied cameras and lenses that were better than ours, so we took advantage of that.

We did macro first.  We were a little disappointed in the selection of things to photograph, but I loved using their macro lenses.  I want one!!  Pretty please, Steve, can I have one?

We were told they had a live model in the portrait room, so we went there next.  The model was beautiful, and very good at posing.  She kept moving, so each photo was different from the last.  They had the lights set up so she was properly lit, and I found it easy to snap amazing photos of her.

They had a really nice Jaguar car there, and it was all set up so it had the proper lighting.  The only problem was that you really couldn’t experiment with composition much.  You had one position you could get a decent photo of the car.  I got a photo, but didn’t feel like I contributed much to it.  Like, my photo was the same as everyone else’s, you know?

I had lunch with Mum, then she went home and I went back to take more photos.  They brought in a young girl and a puppy to the portrait room, so I got some different shots.  I went back to the macro room too, and got some better shots when there were less people crowded in there.

Overall, I really enjoyed the day.  Was great fun, and I got some good photos out of it.

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